Call for MMF-Sponsored Events

Following our previous call for proposals for financial support for one or two-day conferences or workshops on money, macroeconomic or financial topics, the Money Macro and Finance Society (MMF) invites proposals for further workshops and seminars in the second half of 2020 (i.e. held between June and December).

We can offer limited financial support up to £2,500 as well as audience travel costs for UK-based academics for each event, but smaller bids may be viewed more favourably.

Proposals will be judged against the criteria below. The deadline is Friday 13 March 2020.  Decisions will be made in April.

Please provide a two-page outline (proposed programme of speakers, location, co-funding secured and budget) and speak to an MMF Committee member to ensure you have a sponsor for your proposal.

Submissions should be made to the


  • Events should be open to all MMF members, although practical limits on audience size may apply.
  • Proposals should show demonstrably high research quality, substantial UK academic involvement and relevance to the selected topic.
  • Proposals that meet the quality criteria but have a focus on diversity and inclusion are also encouraged.
  • We look for proposals that have a substantial but not necessarily exclusive emphasis on the UK experience.
  • Prioritiy will be given to proposals that involve more than one institution and draw on a combination of academic and non-academic participants.
  • We welcome co-funding, but will not support proposals that are already fully funded, or are part of a wider programme or event.
  • The event should take place in the second half of calendar year 2020.

Apply for Travel Funding

The policy of the MMF is to refund the reasonable travelling expenses of UK-based academics and PhD students for regular and special meetings held in the UK apart from for the annual conference (where alternative arrangements apply). In most cases we expect to refund Saver or Super Saver level train tickets. For meetings that begin earlier in the day necessitating early travel we expect that members will try to restrict the cost of their travel through purchase of APEX or similar tickets. The MMF will attempt to meet the cost of travel for these meetings on this understanding. In case of travel by car, HMRC guideline is 40 p per mile. The MMF does not cover any other expenses such as accommodation, subsistence or conference fees.

Claim Form - UK banks (excel)
Claim Form - OS banks (pdf)