Call for MMF-Sponsored Events

The Money Macro and Finance Society (MMF) has for several years run two concurrent competitions for financial support for conferences or workshop, and we are doing so again for events in calendar year 2021. These may be face-to-face or online, or a blended event.

The proposals for both calls will be judged against the same quality standards. The submission deadline is Friday 13 November 2020.

Applicants should provide a two or three -page outline (proposed programme of speakers, location, co-funding secured and budget). Submissions should be made to the

Decisions will be made in December.

The criteria used to evaluate both proposals follow.
• Conferences should be open to all MMF members, although practical limits on audience size may apply.
• Proposals should show demonstrably high research quality, substantial UK academic involvement and relevance to the selected topic.
• Proposals that meet the quality criteria but have a focus on diversity and inclusion are also encouraged.
• We look for proposals that have a substantial but not necessarily exclusive emphasis on the UK experience.
• Priority will be given to proposals that involve more than one institution and draw on a combination of academic and non-academic participants.
• We welcome co-funding, but will not support proposals that are already fully funded, or are part of a wider programme or event.
• The event should take place in the calendar year 2021.

We recognise that Covid 19 remains a constraint at the time of this call, so this year we recognise that some proposals may have an online component and may therefore require less funding. We are also conscious that the risk of lockdowns and other restrictions means that it is more prudent to schedule events later in the year, and we may take this into account.

Call 1: Specific topic

We invite proposals for financial support for two one -day conferences or workshops on specific high-profile issues. We offer up to £3,000 together with audience travel costs for UK-based academics for each event, to allow the organisers to, eg, bring in high-quality speakers from Europe or elsewhere, perhaps with some additional co-funding. If we get several outstanding proposals, we may decide to sequence them beyond one calendar year.

The single proposed topic is Covid 19 – structural issues and the long run Covid 19 has led to a short-run fall in GDP unprecedented in modern peacetime history, but is likely to have longer term implications for the economy and policy that are qualitatively different from previous recessions and require novel analyses. The implications and analytical approaches may include but are not restricted to: lessons from history; future structural changes to the UK and global economy; reassessment of macro rationing models; behavioural changes; scarring effects in the labour market; asset price shifts; constrained policymaking at the ELB and with debt constraints; and fiscal policy (changing government expenditure patterns and debt sustainability).

We welcome proposals that aim to cover these or similar issues that emphasise the unusual aspects of the current situation.

Call 2: General

We invite proposals for financial support for one or two-day conferences or workshops on any money, macroeconomic or financial topics. We offer financial support up to £1500 as well as audience travel costs for UK-based academics for each event.