Who We Are, and What We Do

The Money Macro and Finance Society is a registered charity. It is committed to the advancement of education in the fields of monetary economics, macroeconomics, and financial economics in particular, but not exclusively within the United Kingdom. It does this through conferences, public lectures, publications, seminars, workshops and promoting research in all aspects of monetary economics, macroeconomics, and financial economics and publishes the useful results.

Our main activities comprise organising an Annual Conference, a Policy Conference in collaboration with Bloomberg, and a PhD conference. We co-fund MMF Workshops on monetary economics, macroeconomics, and financial economics in collaboration with academic organisations, policy making institutions and think tanks.

Our activities are coordinated by an Executive Leadership Team and a Committee, and we are overseen by Trustees.

News Blog

Visit our News Blog for money macro and finance related news. We post calls for papers, public lectures, courses and other news in the fields of monetary economics, macroeconomics and financial economics.

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Our History

The very first gathering of monetary economists in the UK took place under Harry Johnson’s aegis at Hove in October 1969. The meeting was held to commemorate the tenth anniversary of the Radcliffe Report, and to take stock of the progress made in UK monetary economics since its publication. The Hove meeting pointed to the need for more frequent meetings among monetary economists. It was from that event that the Money Study Group was born, with a key objective of promoting research into monetary economics in the United Kingdom.

You can read more about Our History here.

EDI POLICY (updated Jan-2024)

At the MMF we place great importance to equality and diversity and are fully committed to inclusion across race, gender, age, religion, identity, experience and all other protected characteristics. We aim to organise and support activities that are welcoming to people with diverse backgrounds and identities. We, therefore, expect that all organisers of MMF events, such as seminars, workshops and conferences, consider these aims from the planning stage.

We recognise all our events should strive to be as inclusive, accessible, and sustainable as possible. We expect tangible diversity and inclusivity, for example, in the proposed line-up of participants, choice of venues and organisational practices, to create an enriching and representative experience for all involved. Events with final programmes that do not demonstrate this will generally not be accepted by MMF.

We reserve the right to retrospectively dissociate from events that do not adhere to our policy or to refrain from endorsing/publicising events that lack diversity.

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