The MMF is launching a set of research networks (RNs) in a few areas spanning our interests.

The RNs aim to have distinctive features, including:

  • A focus on bringing academic and policymaking researchers with a UK connection together.
  • Creating informal environments where ideas and preliminary work may be presented.
  • Ensuring inclusivity by making them a home for early career researchers while also including senior academics and policy advisors, and open to all.
  • Reaching out across the UK.

The first of these is the newly formed Macro RN.

We are delighted that Ricardo Reis has agreed to be the Director of the network.

We plan to hold termly meetings, usually online, at which a small number of papers will be presented and discussed. We anticipate the papers will normally be work in progress with the majority of presenters being relatively junior.

If you are interested in receiving updates about the network, please sign up here.

Calls for papers and invites to attend meetings will only go to signed-up members.