53rd Annual Conference of the Money, Macro and Finance Society

5-7 September 2022

In-person conference
University of Kent, Canterbury


Keynote Speakers

Murillo Campello (Cornell University)
  “Decision-Making under Uncertainty: Implications for Applied Research in Corporate Finance & Banking”

Catherine L Mann (MPC, Bank of England)
  “Inflation persistence and monetary policy strategy” (Charles Goodhart Lecture)

George-Marios Angeletos (Massachusetts Institute of Technology)
  "FTPL Redux"

Emi Nakamura (University of California, Berkeley)
  “Inflation and the Phillips Curve: Past and Present”  (Harry Johnson Lecture)

Special Sessions

MPC25: Lessons learned from 25 years of the MPC.

Session Chair: Paul Mizen

Speakers: Mervyn King, Paul Tucker and Jagjit Chadha.

BoE Special session ‘Quantitative Tightening and Monetary Policy Normalization’

Session Chair: Mike Joyce (Bank of England)


  • Gianluca Benigno (NY FED). Title: Managing Monetary Policy Normalization. Co-authors: Pierpaolo Benigno (University of Bern)
  • Pascal Meichtry (University of Lausanne). Title: Unwinding Quantitative Easing. Co-authors: Cristiano Cantore (Bank of England)
  • Bin Wei (Atlanta FED). Title: Quantifying “Quantitative Tightening” (QT): How many rate hikes is QT equivalent to?

MaGHiC Special Session: Tax Policies for Factor Market Distortions

  • Gross Worker Flows over the Life Cycle, Ilhan Guner (Kent) (jointly with Tomaz Cajner and Toshihiko Mukoyama)
  • A Ramsey Theory of Financial Distortions, Wei Cui (UCL) (jointly with Marco Bassetto)
  • Tax Policy, Investment and Profit-Shifting, Irem Guceri (Oxford) (jointly with Katarzyna Bilicka and Michael Devereux)

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