The table below contains a partial history of the conferences going back to 1991.

Year Number Location Dates Keynote Speakers Other notes Organizers Links to Programme
2018 50th Heriot-Watt University: Held at the RBS Conference Centre, Gogarburn 5-7 Sept Yuliy Sannikov Princeton University David Cobham

Arnab Bhattacharjee

Atanas Christev

Robbie Mochrie

Charles Nolan

Stephen Cecchetti Brandeis University
Peter Sinclair University of Birmingham
Fabrizio Mattesini University of Rome, Tor Vergata
Adam Posen Peterson Institute of

International Economics

2017 49th Kings College London 5 -7 Sept Anil Kashyap University of Chicago

and FPC, Bank of England

Ricardo Reis LSE
David Laibson Harvard
Jagjit Chadha Director, NIESR
2016 48th University of Bath 7-9 Sept Albert Marcet Intitute d’’Anàlisi Econòmica, CSIC Special Policy Sessions

Economic Growth and Policy (Maik Schneider, University of Bath), Fiscal Policy Sustainability (Vito Polito, University of Bath), Unconventional Monetary Policy (Chris Martin, University of Bath), New Approaches to Term Structure Estimation (Peter Spencer, University of York)

Enrique Mendoza University of Pennsylvania
Frank Smets European Central Bank
Charles Goodhart London School of Economics
2015 47th Cardiff University 9 - 11 Sept Giuseppe Bertola EDHEC Business School Special Policy Sessions

"The New European Economic Architecture" - organised by Michael Arghyrou (Cardiff University)

"Financial Structure and Economic Growth" - organized by Kul Luintel (Cardiff University)

"Credit Shocks and Regional Finance" - organised by Tianshu Zhao (University of Stirling)

Michael Arghyrou, Cardiff University

Jagjit Chadha, University of Kent

Kul Luintel, Cardiff University

Kent Matthews, Cardiff University

Paul Mizen, University of Nottingham

Zhirong Ou, Cardiff University

Akos Valentinyi, Cardiff University

Tianshu Zhao, University of Stirling

Kristin Forbes MIT; Bank of England MPC
Harald Uhlig University of Chicago
Patrick Minford Cardiff University
2014 46th University of Durham 17 - 19 Sept Douglas Gale Imperial College London Special Policy Session: Scottish Independence Referendum Parantap Basu (University of Durham)

Jagjit Chadha (University of Kent)

Richard Harris (University of Durham)

Elisa Keller (University of Durham)

Leslie Reinhorn (University of Durham)

Thomas Renström (University of Durham)

Peter Sinclair (University of Birmingham)

Rebecca Stratling (University of Durham)

Seppo Honkapohja Bank of Finland
Rafael Wouters National Bank of Belgium
Mike Wickens University of York & Cardiff Business School
2013 45th Queen Mary University of London 11-13 Sept Harris Dellas Bern Special Policy Sessions:

The Future of the Euro - Paul De Grauwe (LSE)

The Bank of England's Remit - Panel including Chris Giles (FT), David Miles (Bank of England/Imperial) & Roger Farmer (UCLA)

Fiscal Consolidation - Roberto Perotti (Bocconi)

Other Sessions:
Macro-Prudential Regulation - Sponsored by the Bank of England
Joint session with GDRE

Francis Breedon, QMUL
Jagjit Chadha, Kent
George Kapetanios, QMUL
Simon Price, Bank of England and City University
Chris Tsoukis, London Met

Stephanie Schmitt-Grohe Columbia University
Elroy Dimson London Business School
2012 44th Trinity College, Dublin 6 - 8 Sept Spencer Dale Bank of England Programme
Stefan Gerlach Central Bank of Ireland
Refet Gurkaynak Bilkent
Patrick Honohan Central Bank of Ireland
Robert Shimer Chicago
2011 43rd Birmingham Business School, University of Birmingham 15 - 17 Sept Giancarlo Corsetti University of Cambridge
Michael Foot Promontory Finance Group
Jean-Bernard Chatelain University of Paris
2010 42nd Cyprus University of Technology 1 - 3 Sept Marcus Miller University of Warwick
Robert Skidelsky University of Warwick
Haim Levy Hebrew University of Jerusalem
Charles Calomiris Columbia University
2009 41st Bradford University School of Management 7 - 9 Sept Glenn Rudebusch San Francisco Federal Reserve Bank Programme Chair and local organiser: Prof Turalay Kenc (Bradford)
Alan Morrison Oxford University
Claudio Borio Bank for International Settlements
2008 40th Birkbeck College, University of London 10 - 12 Sept Paul Tucker Bank of England Programme chair and local organiser: John Driffill (Birkbeck) Programme
George Evans University of Oregon
Michael Deveraux University of British Columbia
2007 39th University of Birmingham 12-14 Sept Athanasios Orphanides Central Bank of Cyprus Hosted this year by BRiEF (Birmingham Research into Economics and Finance). Organiser: Andy Mullineux
Ross Levin Brown University
David Hendry Oxford University
Eric Berglof European Bank for Reconstruction and Development
2006 38th University of York 13-15 Sept Salih Neftci City University New York Special sessions will include those organised by GdR Monnaie et Financement Research Group, ESRC World Economy and Finance programme and one sponsored by the Journal of Applied Econometrics.

The keynote lectures and selected papers from the conference will be published in a special conference edition of the Manchester School.

Programme chair and local organiser: Peter N Smith ( York ) Programme Link
Deborah Lucas Northwestern University
Matthew Canzoneri Georgetown University
2005 37th University of Crete, Rethymno, Greece 1-3 Sept Hashem Pesaran University of Cambridge Programme Chair:  Panicos Demetriades (Leicester) & Local organising committee: Athanasios Papadopoulos (Crete)
Erik Berglöf Stockholm
George Constantinides University of Chicago
2004 36th Cass Business School 6-8 Sept Raman Uppal London Business School There will also be a Cass plenary session with contributions from David Blake and Harry Kat.
David Hirschliefer Los Angeles Ohio State University
Michael Brennan University of California ,
2003 35th University of Cambridge 10-12 Sept Robert King Boston University There will be special sessions organised by GdR and SUERF and a Sponsored Session funded by the Journal of Applied Econometrics
VV Chari University of Minnesota
William Brock University of Wisconsin
2002 34th University of Warwick 4-6 Sept Marco Pagano Davis University of Salerno in conjunction with the ESRC Understanding the Evolving Macroeconomy Programme
Alan Taylor University of California ,
2001 33rd Queen's University Belfast 5-7 Sept Martin Hellwig University of Mannheim
Charles Engel University of Wisconsin
2000 32nd David Clementi Bank of England
Joseph Stiglitz Columbia University
1999 31st Peter Kenen Princeton University
John Vickers Bank of England
Kenneth Singleton Stanford University
1998 30th Alan Budd Monetary Policy Committee
Michael Woodford Princeton University
1997 29th Andrew Crochett Bank for International Settlements
John Taylor Stanford University
1996 28th Robert Engle University of California , San Diego
Howard Davies Deputy Governor of Bank of England
1995 27th Stephen Ross Yale University
Finn Kydland University of Texas (Austin)
1994 26th Mervyn King Executive Director, Bank of England
Robert Shiller Yale University and Cowles Foundation
1993 25th Rick Mishkin Graduate School of Business , New York
David Laidler University of Western Ontario
1992 24th Stanley Fischer Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Paul Krugman Massachusetts Institute of Technology
1991 23rd Christian de Boisseau Paris I
Charles Goodhart London School of Economics
1990 22nd Niels Thygesen Copenhagen University and a member of ‘Delors Committee’ on EMU