MMF-Sponsored Workshops and Events

The MMF Society offers small amounts of financial support for events on money, macroeconomic or financial topics that are consistent with our aims.

  • Events should be open to all MMF members, although practical limits on audience size may apply.
  • Proposals should show demonstrably high research quality, substantial UK academic involvement and relevance to the selected topic.
  • Proposals that meet the quality criteria but have a focus on diversity and inclusion are also encouraged.
  • We look for proposals that have a substantial but not necessarily exclusive emphasis on the UK experience.
  • Priority will be given to proposals that involve more than one institution and draw on a combination of academic and non-academic participants.
  • We welcome – indeed encourage – co-funding, but will not support proposals that are already fully funded, or are part of a wider programme or event.

The process operates through specific calls for proposals that are then assessed against these criteria. We may specify particular topics but proposals outside those areas are always considered.

At the MMF we immensely value equality and diversity and are fully committed to inclusion across race, gender, age, religion, identity, and experience. We aim to organise and support events that are welcoming to people with diverse backgrounds and identities.

We therefore ask that organisers of workshops and conferences take note of these aims when planning and submitting proposals to the MMF for funding. We warmly welcome proposals that ensure there is tangible diversity and inclusivity in the programme and the proposed line-up of participants. We reserve the retrospective right not to fund events that do not adhere to our policy, for example with all-male keynote speakers or panels.

Call for Events

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Scheduled Events

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Past Events

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