55th Annual Conference of the Money, Macro and Finance Society

4-6 September 2024
University of Manchester
United Kingdom

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The Money Macro and Finance Society is delighted to invite you to the 55th Annual Conference of the Money, Macro and Finance Society. It will take place in-person on 4-6 September 2024 at the University of Manchester, UK.

The MMF Society traces its roots back to Harry Johnson and the Money Study Group that was formed in 1969 at the LSE. It is now over 50 years old and has held regular annual conference events each year. It has invited a very distinguished list of speakers in recent years including Olivier Blanchard, Alan Blinder, Murillo Campello, Janice Eberly, Mark Gertler, Don Kohn, Sydney Ludvigson, Maurice Obstfeld, Emi Nakamura, Catherine Mann and George-Marios Angeletos.

The 55th MMF conference invites submissions from academic, government and business economists in any area of Monetary, Macro and Financial Economics.


Early bird registration fee £320
Standard registration fee £380
Dinner £70

The early bird registration deadline is 7 August 2024.

Registration is done through the submission portal at https://editorialexpress.com/conference/MMF2024 . After logging into the portal using your username and password (if you are not already registered you will first need to do so) look for the meeting registration in the top of the left menu and follow the instructions..



The Bank for International Settlements (BIS) Special Session: Fiscal policy and inflation

  1. Fiscal backing, inflation and US business cycles
    Frank Smets and Raf Wouters.
  2. Other days, other ways? Fiscal and monetary policy reaction functions over the past seven decades
    Gong Chen, Antoine Cornevin and Boris Hofmann.
  3. Fiscal stimulus plans and households’ expectations
    Fiorella De Fiore, Marco Lombardi and Albert Pierres Tejada.
  4. Fiscal sources of inflation risk in EMDEs: the role of the external channel
    Ryan Banerjee, Valerie Boctor, Aaron Mehrotra and Fabrizio Zampolli.

MMF Special Session: Finance, Investment, and Productivity Growth in the UK
The Productivity Institute

Organized by Catherine L. Mann (Bank of England, Alliance Manchester, Brandeis University)

  1. Firms’ sales expectations and marginal propensity to invest:  UK Experience
    Andrea Alati (Bank of England), Johannes J. Fischer (Bank of England), Maren Froemel (Bank of England), Ozgen Ozturk (Oxford University)
  2. Evidence on the use and importance of corporate hurdle rates in the UK
    Krishan Shah, Phil Bunn and Marko Melolinna  (all Bank of England)
  3. Institutional shareholding, common ownership and productivity: a cross-country analysis
    Maria Bas (OECD), Lilas Demmou (OECD), Guido Franco (OECD) and Javier Garcia-Bernardo (Utrecht University)
  4. Do Equity Gaps Matter? Evidence from High-Growth Enterprises’ Investment Decisions"
    Viet Dang (Alliance Manchester)
  5. Capital Market Risk Premia: UK Cities and Regions compared to Europe
    Michiel Daams (Gronigen) and Philip McCann (Manchester)


There will be a Bank of England drinks reception at Christie’s Bistro on 4 September 2024.

The main conference dinner is hosted by the Productivity Institute will be held at the Midland Hotel on 5 September 2024 with a dinner talk by Dame Kate Barker (Chair Governing Council, TPI).


George Bratsiotis (University of Manchester)
Patrick Macnamara (University of Manchester)


The recommended hotel is Hyatt Regency.  This hotel is on campus and near the main venues.  A discounted rate relative to the standard rate is available with corporate code 138884.


The main conference venues will be the Roscoe Building and the Schuster Building.


The full conference programme will be posted after 7 August.  But we anticipate the conference will begin around 11:00am on Wednesday 4 September and finish by 2:30pm on Friday 6 September.


For further information (Key Dates, Registration Fees, Programme, Dinner, etc.) and to apply please contact the local organising programme committee team at george.j.bratsiotis@manchester.ac.uk or patrick.macnamara@manchester.ac.uk.