54th Annual Conference of the Money, Macro and Finance Society

6-8 September 2023

In-person conference
University of Portsmouth


54th MMF Conference Programme (PDF)


  • Paul Mizen
    (King's College London)
    "Firming up price inflation"  (Charles Goodhart Lecture)
    (Slides) - (Publication)
  • Antonella Trigari
    (Bocconi University)
    “Temporary layoffs, loss-of-recall, and cyclical unemployment dynamics”
  • David Miles
    (Imperial College London, Office for Budget Responsibility)
    “The UK’s fiscal challenge – taxes, spending and sustainability”
  • Lawrence Christiano
    (Northwestern University)
    “Slow learning and rational expectations” (Harry Johnson Lecture)


National Institute of Economic and Social Research Special Session:

Session Title: Nominal price rigidity and the choice of target inflation measure

Session Chair: Stephen Millard (NIESR)

Session Speakers:

  • Huw David Dixon (Cardiff): Have prices become more flexible during the cost-of-living crisis? Evaluating frequency and age as measures of rigidity
  • Claudio Morana (Milano-Bicocca): Euro-Area inflation and a new measure of core inflation
  • Paula Bejarano Carbo (NIESR): The distributional consequences of a central bank’s price index choice

Bank of England Special Session:

Session Title: Global banks and non-bank financial intermediaries: Heterogeneities and vulnerabilities

Session Chair: Dennis Reinhardt (BoE)

Session Speakers and Discussants:

  • Danny Walker (BoE) and Iñaki Aldasoro (Discussant, BIS): Hedging, market concentration and monetary policy: a joint analysis of gilt and derivatives exposures
  • Vania Stavrakeva (LBS) and Simon Lloyd (Discussant, BoE): Risk-on, Risk-off episodes and spillovers into currency markets: The role of asset managers
  • Daniel Ostry (BoE) and Dmitry Muhkin (Discussant, LSE): Granular banking flows and exchange-rate dynamics

Resolution Foundation and Centre for Economic Performance Special Session:

Session Title: Addressing the UK’s record of weak productivity, stagnant living standards and high inequality”

Session Chair: James Smith (RF)

Session Speakers:

  • John Muellbauer (Oxford): The Thatcher legacy: Lessons for the future of the UK economy
  • Shania Bhalotia (LSE): Trading Up


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Scott Mahadeo

Georgios Magkonis

Joe Cox

Stephen Millard


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