The economic challenges of COVID-19

Online events, November 2020


Series Description

The COVID-19 pandemic has upended economies across the world. The daunting scale, pace and uncertainty of the crisis has presented huge challenges for economics, and for economic policymakers attempting to steer countries through it while limiting the damage to citizens’ lives and livelihoods. And even if a vaccine is found soon, the legacy of the crisis will live on in our labour markets and public finances for many years to come.

The MMF Society and the Resolution Foundation co-hosted a series of webinars to dive into the big economic challenges thrown up by COVID-19. Together we have brought together internationally renowned economists and policymakers to discuss those challenges – from the changing roles of central banks and governments, to how countries can navigate transformed labour markets and the unequal impacts of the crisis.

Video Recordings

YouTube videos of each webinar can be viewed on the page below.