Peter Sinclair Prize Winners

The Peter Sinclair Prizes were set up in memory of Peter Sinclair, Emeritus Professor at Birmingham Business School, University of Birmingham and MMF Vice President, who died in 2020 of COVID-19.

The prizes are awarded to the best papers presented at the Annual MMF PhD Conference.

More information about this year's conference (held on 6 & 7 May), including video podcasts from all presenters, is available on our website.

2021 Prize Winners

This year's winners are as follows:

First Prize

Yoocheol Noh, University of Nottingham, “Global bank branches and Financial stability: How can global bank branches amplify financial shocks?”

Second Prize

Yiliang LiOxford University, “The Macroeconomics of Oil Transportation”

Third Prize

Ivy SabugaCity University, London, “Dynamics of the Output Floor: A Model-Based Assessment”

Arisyi Raz, University of Birmingham, “The Dark Side of Liquidity Regulation: Bank Opacity and Liquidity Risk”